Indoor | Outdoor Hybrid Tasting Room
Monday – Wednesday: 1-8PM
Thursday: 1-9PM
Friday: 12-10PM
Saturday: 12-10PM
Sunday: 12-6PM
In an effort to bring our customers, fans, and most loyal supporters the best experience
possible during this crazy time, we have decided to extend our modified indoor experience.

Starting this week, we will now be using limited first-come/ first-serve socially distanced
tables in our tasting room Monday-Friday in addition to the modified indoor experience in our production area (weekends only) and the outdoor Bolero Park Beer Garden (7 days as weather permits) Tables for our modified indoor experience are extremely limited and will be offered on a first come first serve basis.  If we are on a wait, you will be welcome to enjoy some beverages in Bolero Park, our outdoor beer garden, and we will text you when a table becomes available.

All Patrons must wear masks at all times while inside the building.  Masks may *only* be
removed while *seated* at a table and enjoying a beverage.  Masks must otherwise be worn while entering or exiting the brewery, or walking through the production area and tasting room to use the restrooms.

Patrons *must* be seated at a table to enjoy a beverage.  There is no standing at a table or
walking throughout the public area permitted under the executive order of the Governor.
Failure to comply with the mask mandate or social distancing will not be tolerated, any guest who is in violation will be asked to leave immediately without exception.

We do not sell food beyond a couple of pre-packaged snacks, but we welcome you, and
encourage you, to bring food with you or order a delivery from one of our local eateries.
Unfortunately, we ask that you understand we cannot allow eating in the production
area, so we will have to ask all meals are consumed in the beer garden, or in the Tasting
Room seating area when available.

Please also note, at this time, we are not allowing any minors inside or in the beer garden
due to space and capacity concerns. Children under 2 will be permitted provided they are
held by an adult, or utilizing a body carrying harness. Strollers and carriers are not
permitted inside the brewery or beer garden at this time.

What to expect on your visit:

  • Upon arrival you will check in at the retail ordering and gift station located at the rear entrance of the building at the loading dock.  If a table is available, you will be asked to open a tab with a credit card, then walked by our staff to your assigned table.  If no tables are available we will take your cell phone number and text you as soon as a table opens up to come back to the retail station.
  • Indoor drink service is table service only.  Our servers will check in regularly to take
    beverage orders.  You may not head to the bar for a beverage order.
  • All service will be in single use plastic cups. Cups will be bussed by our staff for your
    safety and ours.
  • All tables will be fully sanitized after each group leaves.
  • We have a hand sanitation station set up for your convenience near the entrance to the beer garden, and near the retail station, and signs will direct you to the public restrooms in the tasting room.  Please do not use the employee restroom in the production area, as we are sanitizing the public restrooms on regular intervals during tasting hours.
  • Barriers will be set up to keep guests a safe distance from all brewing and packaging equipment.  Please do not go beyond the barriers, as you will be asked to leave.
  • When your party is exiting, please leave any remaining cups on the table, hit the hand sanitizer on your way to the retail station, and once there you can add any to-go items to your order and close your group’s tab.
  • Please always drink responsibly.

Before you visit please thoroughly read through the rules that will be in effect at Bolero Park.

  1. Due to capacity concerns and the need to socially distance groups, the beer garden will only accommodate guests who are 21+.  We also will not be permitting pets, but documented and properly identified service animals are always welcome.
  2. Face coverings must be worn at all times when not situated at a table with your own party.  Patrons not wearing face coverings when not at their own table will be asked to leave.
  3. Restrooms are available inside the tasting room.  To access the restrooms from the beer garden, please use the front door to the building along 20th St. If you are in the production area, signs will direct you through the tasting room.
  4. We will be using only single-use plastic drinkware.  We ask all used cups be placed face up on the table, and stacked.  A member of our staff will bus the table and clear the cups when your party leaves, then sanitize the table for the next party.
  5. There is absolutely no smoking or vaping in the fenced in area. Smoking or vaping is permitted on the far end of the driveway near the recycling corral.
  6. We do not offer food or non-alcoholic beverages.  Bottled water will be available for a small charge.
  7. Outside food is allowed in the Beer Garden or Tasting room but not in the production area. We have number of great local options that are happy to deliver. Please make sure you clear you food waste to the appropriate bins when finished.
  8. Outside alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.
  9. Please help keep our staff safe by removing any *trash* from your table and placing it into the trash bins.
  10. To view our menu in advance of your visit please navigate to bolerosnort.com/taplist. Also, if you would like to make a to-go purchase while you are enjoying our beer garden, please use this same link to place advance beer-to-go and merchandise orders.  While we aren’t currently able to add these orders to your tab, we will have your items boxed up and waiting for you at the retail station when you’re ready to leave.
  11. For the safety of all of our guests, please do not touch or lean on the tent support structure or lights.
  12. If we reach capacity, you may be asked to wait before entering the beer garden. Please provide us a cell number and wait in your vehicles or socially distanced near the entrance of the parking lot. A member of our team will send you a text message when a table is ready for your party.
  13. Any patrons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted entrance, or will be asked to leave immediately.  There are no exceptions.
  14. Have fun, be kind, and stay safe.

Home Delivery will remain available Monday through Friday. Dock Sales will remain 7 days a week.