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Bob Olson conjured up the idea of opening a commercial brewery back in 2011 and 2012. He had a dollar and a dream, but just a dollar… it wasn’t enough. Years were spent figuring it all out. What had began as an award-winning list of home brews called “Bob’s Beers” would migrate to the earliest days of “Bolero Snort Brewery”.

In 2013, the company was incorporated and become one of only 16 brewing companies in New Jersey, which was in it’s infancy of a craft beverage revolution.

Starting out and spending 7 years as a gypsy brewing out, the business ran as lean as possible – for a company with 2 plus sized gentlemen at the helm. Bob and Scott operated all facets of the business for many years with just the two of them, handling the functions of recipe development and implementation, exploration, sales, distribution, and more. They were extremely fortunate and grateful to have worked with over a dozen brewery partners throughout the region in creating and cultivating their beer lineup and were eternally grateful. Yet, they always kept their eye on the prize of opening up their own full-scale production facility to control their own fate and welcome their loyal customers into their home for the first time.

In 2019, that dream became a reality. Having built out a 16,000 square foot production brewery in the heart of the Meadowlands, Bolero Snort Brewery opened it’s doors for the first time. The team had ballooned to 13 people, all in specialized roles. On December 27, 2019, a whole new bull game began. And it was only just the beginning.

Now fully functional in a facility complete with a 30 Barrel American-Made brewhouse, increased fermentation capacity, in-house canning, comprehensive Quality Assurance systems, and a spacious and welcoming public tasting room, the team at Bolero Snort has taken it’s production and offerings to the next level. Check out some of our Hoof Crafted Ales and Lagers, and if you’re in the area, swing by the state-of-the-art production facility to learn more about what makes the bull charge. And should you bump into Scott while you’re there, make sure to ask him where the name “Bolero Snort” came from. He loves telling that story.

Who We Are

Bob Olson, Jr.

Founder / Owner / Peloton Prince (BoleroBobRows) / King of Kindness

Bob was introduced to home brewing by a friend in 2009 and quickly caught the brewing bug. With a knack for small business and a little push from his wife Melanie, he decided to apply this entrepreneurial spirit to his new found passion and Bolero Snort was born. Though he is involved in virtually all aspects of the business, he most enjoys its creative side. Whether it’s developing new recipes, experimenting with new flavors and adjuncts, or working closely with Jim on artwork, Bolero is, at its core, more than just beer, it’s the experience – and that principal guides him in all that he does.

When not at the brewery, Bob enjoys spending time with his wife and three boys, stressing over college football and filling the team’s inbox with emails before 5am.

Scott Wells

Co-Owner / Director of Sales / Imperial Czar of Life Sustaining Solutions / Allergic To Citrus

Scott met Bob the week the brewery opened. A supporter of the brand from the start, Scott quickly started helping the brewery grow from the sidelines. After spending years working in sales and retail, and only being able to enjoy beer recreationally, Scott eventually joined the team in October of 2014 merging his sales ability and craft beer expertise. A verbose philosopher of craft beverage, Scott prides himself on being a catalyst of the “Drink Local” movement, and a champion of small business partnerships.

When Scott isn’t working, he enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and dogs (one of which is named Provolone Parmagianno Reggiano). He will often be found quoting the Big Lebowski while swigging his 6th White Russian of the day, sampling every chicken parm entrée in the state, hiding from the aforementioned wife and child on a kayak, and shouting obscenities at the TV when the Yankees, Devils, or Giants are playing, and napping in random locations.

Next time you see him, run. He is likely allergic to your cologne / perfume / energy.

Jim Kohl

Artistic Director

Jim Kohl has been a vested-owner of Bolero Snort since 2015. Jim is the brewery’s artist-in-residence, leading branding and label design. As a senior member of the team, he partners closely with Bob to move the Bolero brand forward and visually capture new fans.

Jim’s illustrations, featured on over 200 labels, take inspiration from comic books, movies, and his loving fiancee Kathleen. His favorite beer style is Kolsch. Keep up with Jim on Instagram @bolero.artwork.

John Corbo

Operations / Keeper of Calm / A Cool Breeze

Corbo joined us almost two years ago and thank God he did. His office is situated directly in between Bob and Scott’s — a necessary evil. He is the only one capable of keeping the balance between good and evil.

All things distribution and delivery go through John.

When he’s not at the brewery he’s at a concert, with his two awesome dogs or with his lovely wife traveling the world.

Adrian Roberts

North Jersey Sales

Coming from a seasoned sales background, Scott recruited Adrian back in February 2018 to handle the expanding demand of the business. As the company grew and Adrian’s role in the company expanded, the moniker of “Brolero” was adopted to portray his unique style and approach to Bolero Snort. He currently handles sales for the north half of the state, as well as fills in where needed in many other aspects of the business, always repeating his 80s inspired mantra, “Neon Wishes and Sunset Dreams.”

When not grinding days at the brewery and on the road, Adrian enjoys a myriad of activities. From cleaning his growing collection on neon sneakers, to going to 80s inspired Rock Shows, he always finds a way to occupy his time. And when he can’t do that, he’s playing strategy tabletops, designing his next tattoo, or kicking it back at the beach on a stormy day.

Erica Gallagher

South Jersey Sales Rep

Erica joined the organization in 2019 as a part time events representative and brand ambassador. Her tenacity for the business and ability to learn and adapt into this role made it apparent that she was something special from day 1. When the company opened it’s new production facility in the Meadowlands, Erica was offered a promotion and full time role as Tasting Room Co-Manager. Erica’s organizational skills and eye for detail has helped ensure the tasting room ran incredibly smoothly immediately after Grand Opening without any hiccups. These skills allowed her to adapt to the role of “Person who’s stuck on the loading dock handling all the home delivery orders” as soon as Covid-19 shuttered the tasting room to the public.

When Erica isn’t at work, she daydreams about yelling at customers that they cannot have a beer until they take a brewery tour and show us their photo IDs. Don’t let her fool you, she may look quiet and reserved but she spends hours searching reddit for memes that would make anyone uncomfortable.

Jared Lewinski

Head Brewer / Wizard of Wheat / Ol White Boots

Jared is a returning son of the Garden State. After 10 years at the helm of New York Beer Project in Lockport, Listermann in Ohio, Pontoon in Georgia, and Bhramari in Asheville – he’s found his way home to us.

His national award-winning brew journey has been laden with valuable industry experience, sprinkled with love for all things barrel-aged and perfected only by the addition of one very adorable cat.

Jared brings with him a penchant for IPAs of all stripes, sours from simple to smoothie and good, clean traditional lagers.

He’s also just a really nice dude. Please join us in welcoming him to Bolero.

Matt Keller 

Assistant Brewer / Cellerman / Doer of Good / Bringer of the Heat / Man of the People / Jake’s Best Friend

Originally hailing from the working world of live entertainment, Matt has always had a passion for craft beer. When COVID shut down the theatre world in 2020, he took a dive into the craft beer industry. Matt has worn quite a few hats in the time he’s been with Bolero. Starting out as a driver, and passionate to learn more, he became a cellarman and now wears the hat of an assistant brewer.

When not at Bolero, Matt enjoys visiting other breweries, traveling around with his wife in search of the best bar pie pizza, and being emotionally destroyed by his favorite sports teams every year.

Jake Napolitano

Brewer / Cellarman / Matt’s Best Friend / FKA Can Daddy

A proud graduate of the Glenn Lyndhurst Internship Program, Jake came into Bolero with a fiery vengeance in 2021. With his hard-work and knowledge of the craft beer industry, Jake has been a mighty fine addition to the Bolero Crew!

In his free time, Jake likes to volunteer at the local zoo and play with the Penguins.

A fun fact about Jake is that he once played Tony Soprano in his high-schools production of Sopranos: The Musical.

Mark Ryan

Canning / Packaging Operator / Blower of the Horn

Commonly known as “Murr” around the brewery, Mark has his foot in a lot of this here at the brewery! Mark came on in mid-2022 and has contributed since day one to the production team’s overall success.

A fun fact about Murr is that he once lived in a cave in Iceland for 6 months just to better understand the long-lost art of horn-blowing. Murr is also an expert throat singer. Next time you see him at the brewery, make sure to ask him to throat sing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” It truly is breathtaking.

John Bush

Viper / Tasting Room Manager

John came to Bolero in 2023 and immediately became a familiar face on the taps. He is the overlord of the tasting room – bringing DnD and comedy shows to the people of Carlstadt. 

He enjoys long drives to Red’s, tossing sarcasm soaked darts at Scott and talking about Phish at length.


Like Cher / Bartender / Musician / Indy Wrestling Gawd

Scott first met Jose when he was buying an inordinate supply of vodka for his White Russians. Jose attempted to sell other items to Scott, which infuriated him. This obviously led to his employment at Bolero.

A collector of niche interests – Jose is the kind of guy you wish was sitting next to you enjoying a beer instead of pouring it for you.

Luckily he can do both and often does in between playing bass in Sewn Away and giving Scott heart attacks on the regular.

Keith Paladino

Rodeo Clown / Bartender

Keith discovered Bolero Snort back in 2013 and has been drinking their beers ever since. A few years back, he offered Scott his services whenever there was a physical location. In 2019, he joined the team helping out in the tasting room. Here, you’ll most often you’ll find him asking you upon your arrival, “Have you been here before? Let me take you on a quick tour!!”. Otherwise he’s doing whatever is needed of him.

When not spending time at Bolero Snort, you’ll most likely find him at another brewery sampling the goods. Always on the lookout for a beer he’s never had, you’ve probably met him somewhere beer related. He also loves going to concerts, hanging out with friends & family, playing video games, and chilling with his beagle Coolio.

Nick Wahl

Cellarman / #1 Beard

Nick came to us in 2023 and quickly became an essential part of our team. He’s a jack of all trades — working on the canning line, filling kegs and excelling at everything in between.

Outside of work he is a father and a husband. At work he is Mur’s work husband — however reluctantly.

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