Monday – Wednesday: 12-6:30PM

Thursday: 12-9PM

Friday: 12-10PM

Saturday: 12-10PM

Sunday: 12-6PM


Bolero Park Outdoor Service Hours*

*as weather permits

Friday: 3-10PM

Saturday: 12-10PM

Sunday: 12-6PM


As we start to regain some normalcy in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic, we will continue to revise our operating procedures to keep our staff and guests safe while visiting our brewery.  This will continue to be revised as the global situation changes.


What to expect on your visit:

  • We have closed down the dock shop.  All guests may again enter through the front door of the tasting room!
  • Flight service has returned, but flights will only be available in the tasting room and not in Bolero Park beer garden.
  • All tables will continue to be fully sanitized after each group leaves.
  • We have a hand sanitation station set up for your convenience near the entrance and signs will direct you to the public use restrooms in the tasting room.  Please do not use the employee restroom as we are sanitizing the public restrooms on regular intervals during tasting hours.
  • We are not permitting customers in the production area at all with the exception of staff-guided tours.
  • When your party is exiting Bolero Park, please leave any remaining cups on the table, hit the hand sanitizer on your way to the retail station, and once there you can add any to-go items to your order and close your group’s tab.  Please always drink responsibly.

Before you visit please thoroughly read through the rules that will be in effect at Bolero Park and in the main Tasting Room.

1) We are once again welcoming families into Bolero Park and into the tasting room. We do ask that all minors are accompanied at all times by an adult, and remain at a table with the adults of their party.  Children running around will be asked to leave.  We also cannot permit strollers or baby carries onto the property at all.  If you have a child that requires a carrier you will be asked to use a body carrier for safety reasons.  We do have baby changing stations in both public restrooms for your convenience.

2) Per NJ state regulations, face coverings are no longer required indoors for fully vaccinated individuals.  All Bolero Snort serving staff will remain in face coverings for their safety and for yours.

3) Wash your hands.  Seriously.  Wash them.  Do it better.

4) Bolero Park accepts credit cards only.  If you prefer to pay with cash, you may open a tab with a credit card, and before you leave you will be able to visit our retail station in the main tasting room where you may convert your tab to cash and remove the charge from your credit card.  Tabs can be accessed from any station, and can be transferred between areas of the brewery.

5) Glass is not permitted in the beer garden at all.  If you are planning to take your beverage into the beer garden, please let your server know so we can give you a plastic cup.

6) There is absolutely no smoking or vaping in the fenced in area of the beer garden, or the patio outside of the tasting room. Smoking or vaping is permitted on the far end of the driveway near the recycling corral.

7) We do not offer food or non-alcoholic beverages.  Bottled water will be available for a small charge in the beer garden, and tap water is available self service on the wall in the tasting room.

8.) Outside food is allowed. We have number of great local options that are happy to deliver. Please make sure you clear you food waste to the appropriate bins when finished.  No food is permitted in the production area.

9.) Outside alcoholic beverages are strictly prohibited.  Anyone with outside alcoholic beverages will be asked to leave immediately.  We also occasionally offer non alcoholic beverages on tap.

10.) Please help keep our staff safe by removing any *trash* from your table and placing it into the trash bins.

11.) To view our menu in advance of your visit please navigate to bolerosnort.com/taplist.

12.) For the safety of all of our guests, please do not touch or lean on the tent support structure or lights.

13.) If the beer garden or tasting room hits capacity, a 90 minute maximum on any tables will be enforced until we are able to accommodate all guests again.

14.) Pets are not permitted in the beer garden or tasting room.  You may bring your dog onto the patio outside of the tasting room but not inside the building.  Service animals, as required by law, are permitted into the tasting room and beer garden as long as they are able to maintain the ADA requirements of service animals.  No animals are permitted in the production area for any reason – tour accommodations will be offered on an as needed bases for guests requiring the use of a service animal.

15.) Any patrons exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 will not be permitted entrance, or will be asked to leave immediately.  There are no exceptions.

16.) Have fun, be kind, and stay safe.


Home Delivery will remain available Monday through Friday. To-go sales in our tasting room will remain 7 days a week.