Ragin Bull

Ragin’ Bull

Ragin Bull has stood the test of time. Originally created during the infancy of Bolero Snort, Bob came up with the dynamite recipe for a crisp and flavorful Amber Lager. More than 10 years later, Ragin’ Bull is the one recipe that has not and never will change.

Full flavor without going for the knockout, this sessionable amber-hued brew matches the fire in the bull’s eyes. Everyone from the enthusiast to the casual drinker can spar with this one all day!

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The Hops


While most people don’t associate Hops with lighter brews such as lagers, but Ragin’ Bull actually uses Willamette Hops, which is a mild type of hop typically found in darker styles of beer. The woody aroma of Willamette complements the overall flavor profile of the Lager very well without adding a hoppy flavor.

The Yeast


We use Lager Yeast in Ragin Bull because it tends to ferment more sugars during the brewing process, thus leading to a crisper drinking experience that you would typically expect for a Lager.

Tasting Notes


The tasting notes you will experience are different from a typical “Amber” because of the different types of Yeast and types of malts we use. During the drinking experience, you can expect to get a nice crispness with a sweet nuttiness and notes of dark chocolate on the backend.

Food Pairings


Ragin’ Bull pairs very nicely with most traditional American backyard cookout meals. Bacon Cheeseburgers, Loaded Beef Nachos, and Flank Steak would pair excellently.