Time to break out your lederhosen and put on your favorite polka song because it’s time for Oxtoberfest!! Making its return our lineup is our Pro-Am Collab with our friends over at C3 Brewing

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The Hops


While most people don’t associate Hops with lighter brews such as Festbier’s, we use a Hallertau Mittelfruh, a german grown hop that is known for its overall aroma and flavor that it adds to the beer.

The Yeast


We use Harvest Lager Yeast in Oxtoberfest because it tends to ferment more sugars during the brewing process, thus leading to a crisper drinking experience that you would typically expect for a Lager.

C3 Brewing

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OxtoberFest is a Pro-Am Collab with C3 Brewing out of New Jersey. C3 is a Homebrew Group that partnered with us to develop and brew this recipe.

Food Pairings


Oxtoberfest pairs wonderfully with traditional German Cuisine. Bratwurst, Potato Pancakes, and Schnitzel are all reccomened pairings that would go nicely with this festbier.