Meadowlands Lager

Meadowlands Lager

Brewed to commemorate the opening of our tasting facility, Meadowlands Lager has quickly become a staple in our cores. Brewed with the tailgater in mind, we wanted to make a crusher that is perfect for football season across the street.

Our lager is full of flavor and character thanks to the Hull Melon hops that are added to give a nice hoppy flavor to complement the crispiness of the lager.

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The Hops


Our Meadowlands Lager is brewed with Hull Melon Hops from Germany to add a layer of sweetness and fruitiness to the brew. While the hops flavor is subtle, it adds a nice flavor profile that you won’t find in most lagers.

The Yeast


We use Lager Yeast in Meadowlands because it tends to ferment more sugars during the brewing process, thus leading to a crisper drinking experience that you would typically expect for a Lager.

Tasting Notes


The tasting notes you will experience are different from a normal “Tailgating Lager” mainly because of the hops we have brewed this beer with. The floral hop flavor blends beautifully with the crispiness of the lager.

Food Pairings


Meadowlands Lager pairs very nicely with most traditional American backyard cookout meals and Tailgating Food. Cheesesteaks, Hot Dogs, and Spicy Italian Sausage all pair nicely. Football is recommended to be on but not required.