Juicy Pebbulls

Juicy Pebbulls

Juicy Pebbulls has become one of our staple beers over the last few years and has worked it’s way into the hearts of everyone who has enjoyed it. The thought behind Juicy Pebbulls was to try and create a sense of nostalgia when enjoying an ice-cold glass of this Hazy IPA.

From the label down to the aroma all the way to the last drop, Juicy Pebbulls draws from memories of watching Saturday Morning Cartoons on the couch with a big ole’ bowl of cereal.

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The Hops


Juicy Pebbulls is brewed with four different types of hops including Cashmere, Michigan Copper, Cryo Citra, and Lotus. Each different hop added plays nicely together in creating the overall Juicy flavor profile of Pebb Light.

The Yeast


Juicy Pebbulls is brewed with Juicy Yeast to better bring out the aromas that are added in by the hops. This type of yeast is typically used in most New England Style and Hazy IPAs because of its “juicy” profile.



Juicy Pebbulls last step in the brewing process is the addition of Lime Zest, which is prepared and hand zested by the members of our crew, as well as the addition of Milk Sugar. The Lime offers a nice tart compliment to the very light bite from the hops while the Milk Sugar gives it a richness to add a little sweetness to the brew.

Food Pairings


Due to the natural citrus properties along with the flavor profile brought on by the addition of Lime Zest, Juicy Pebbulls will pair very nicely with Homemade Street Tacos, Backyard BBQ, and any other type of spicy cuisine.